25K Course

25K runners, you will start at the base of the No Dogs trail (50K turn around aid station), and run up .6 miles. Merge right to run down Poles .4 miles to West Cut across, and make a sharp left up to No Name (.6 miles). Turn right, and proceed .8 miles to Ticketron. Make a right turn on the fun fast down and up single-track for 1 mile then up Deer Canyon .4 miles to Rattlesnake; turn sharp right down the awesome single-rack for 1 mile, and; merge to the right onto Redtail.

Run down and up .4 miles to the West Cut Across aid station where you'll make a left down .6 miles to Moro Canyon. Rrun another 1.5 miles on Moro Canyon to merge left onto Slow 'n Easy heading 1.25 up to the aid station. Make a right onto the Missing Link single-track, and proceed up .4 miles at the top. Turn right onto Moro Ridge, and run a fun rolling ocean view fire road for 3 miles to the BFI aid station where you will make a U-TURN and run back 1 mile to I Think I Can. You'll then make a left turn down for 1.1 miles to the bottom. Turn left onto El Moro Canyon, and run a fast and solid 1 mile to the finish line.

map50K Course

50K Runners, you will start in front of the wooden bridge and run down El Moro Canyon 1 mile, then will turn right UP I Think I Can 1.1 miles to the top. Stay to the right and merge onto Moro Ridge for 1 mile to your first aid station at the top of BFI. You'll make a U-TURN here, continuing on Moro Ridge for the next 3 miles to Missing Link, a fun technical downhill single-track that takes you .6 mile to the Slow 'n Easy aid station.

After refueling here, cruise down to the left, and run 1.25 miles to El Moro Canyon. Continue 1.5 miles to West Cut Across; go up .6 miles to the next aid station, and stay to the right. Go down Redtail Ridge .6 up the Rattlesnake technical single-track 1 mile to Deer Canyon. Make a hard left .4 miles of down and up Ticketron 1 mile, then turn left at the top onto No Name Ridge heading .8 miles to West Cut Across. You will go left on a fast down .6 miles. At Poles, make a hard right for a tough .5 mile uphill. You'll merge left at the top onto No Dogs where you'll go down the fun .6 ocean view down to the turn-around aid station mile (15.57). This is the halfway point. Turn around and RETRACE your steps to the finish line.

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